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Aloha Gardens Health Foods

Farm Fresh Superfoods for Health and Happiness

At Aloha Gardens, we are committed to producing superfoods of the highest quality using natural and sustainable methods. We believe that we are inextricably linked with the Universe in ways that are beyond our comprehension, and it is our duty to support the land which supports us. Healthy foods naturally grown in healthy, happy soil is our key to nutrition. The farm was founded in 2021, and we will be continuously expanding our offerings over the coming years as we experiment with different superfoods and sustainable growing techniques. We are extremely excited about this journey and hope we are able to share this labor of love with you!!

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Live Microgreens

There is enough scientific data that show beyond doubt that Microgreens are extremely nutritious and one of nature's Superfoods. They often contain between five to forty times the nutrition found in an adult plant. We grow many varieties of microgreens, some of which may not be commonplace in the market. Our microgreen varieties are picked based on nutritional content, flavor, colors and versatility in culinary use. We grow them on hemp mats that are compostable, and sell them live so that YOU can harvest them when you are ready. This way they stay fresh in your refrigerator longer, and retain the maximum amount of nutrition and flavor at the time of use. Our selections of microgreens are ever expanding, so please check back periodically for updates.

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Our Microgreen Varieties

Current Varieties



Kohlrabi, Purple


Mustard, Yellow

Radish, Red Rambo

Radish, Purple Stem

Coming Soon

Amaranth, Red Garnet

Basil, Genovese/Large Leaf

Basil, Lemon

Basil, Red Opal


Cabbage, Red

Swiss Chard and Beet mix

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Other Superfoods Coming soon

Here are some of the other superfoods that we expect to farm in the coming years



Arugula, Spinach








Goji Berries

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